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Tiger Experience - Philippolis

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Against the backdrop of the dwindling tiger populations in the wilds, Tiger Canyons was established 25 km north west of the town of Philippolis on the Van der Kloof Lake in the Karoo of South Africa.

Tiger Canyons is the brainchild of John Varty, a South African conservationist and filmmaker who specializes in Big more

Emotion is running high across the world regarding my statement that tigress Julie is unlikely to raise her five cubs to maturity, and if one or two perish along the way then I will not more

Lion in Tiger Den


Newspaper articles:

At Tiger Canyons in South Africa, on the 1st of November 2009, 5 cubs were born to Tigress Julie.
Pictures by Daryl Balfour


10 Month old tiger Surderban, destroys JV's EX1 camera just before the cubs were more

Swimming with tigers at Tiger Canyons

Sunda tries to rescue Shine from the water

Tiger Intelligence

Tiger Rehabilitation

India's tiger country: Where anger comes in on giant cat feet

By Mark Magnier September 8 2009

A century ago, India had about 100,000 tigers, and maharajas and British sahibs would dispatch dozens of them in a single hunt. The maharaja of Surguja recorded 1,100 lifetime kills, many from atop an elephant.

Wildlife experts say they're making progress against poachers. Notorious kingpin Sansar Chand, 51, who, with family members, is blamed for wiping out Sariska's last 22 tigers, is serving a five-year prison sentence.

Chand and his gang reportedly befriended villagers at Sariska's periphery -- Meena and others in his village of Indok deny they ever made deals with him -- who then informed the poachers when a tiger attacked their livestock, providing valuable information on the animal's whereabouts.

The Chand gang reportedly worked with smugglers in Nepal and Tibet, who used mules and yaks to ferry the contraband across the mountains into China.

Chand, who often posed as a mattress salesman, sometimes transporting the pelts and bones in the bedding, was first arrested in 1974 at age 16 with tiger and leopard skins and hundreds of body parts. After serving time, he eluded police for much of the next three decades.
The complete article can be viewed at:,0,2187024.story

JV's response:

I believe the fence at Tiger Canyons is one of the keys to tiger conservation. If Asian countries are serious about tiger conservation, they will have to separate people and domestic stock from tigers. In Africa we have done this very successfully in National and Private more

Death of a Legend

It is with regret that I have to inform you that the famous Mother Leopard known as 3:4 has passed away at Londolozi. She was one month short of her 17th birthday. Tributes to Manana

Tiger Photo Gallery

I have formed Tiger Photo Gallery and I am inviting all photographers who have visited Tiger Canyons or any Tiger Sanctuary, for that matter, to submit 6 of your most interesting pictures to Tiger Photo more

Tiger Photo Gallery

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Tiger Cubs playing on frozen river at Tiger Canyons

Shine, the white tiger cub, Shunda and Zaria, the normal cubs, are playing on a frozen river at Tiger Canyons

Fear Factor in the Bush

JV fails to rescue a giraffe that slipped in the river. He wants to film lions and crocs feeding on the giraffe from the inside of the carcass using a dummy croc...

Sariska, July 26 (PTI) India, which is home to 70 per cent of the world's tiger population, does not need any fund, aid or expertise from the World Bank for conservation of big cats in the country, Union Minister of Environment Jairam Ramesh has said.

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One of India's main tiger parks, Panna National Park in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, admits it no longer has any tigers.

This is the second tiger reserve in India, after Sariska in Rajasthan, where numbers have dwindled to zero.

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A Shot in more

Tiger Rescue Press more

Shine a White more